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NEW Norway Mobile presets from @hilvees@eljackson for Adobe Lightroom Mobile App

*These presets work only on the Lightroom Mobile App*

"We know that lot of you guys are camping and traveling in the mountains during the summer time. We had an awesome road trip around Norway and we feel like summer adventures need their own great presets! These presets are ideal no matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer. They give you an easy and quick way to edit your JPEG photos on your mobile, whether you are using an iPhone or Android!"

The Norway Mobile Preset package includes all the original presets that HildegunnSamuel Taipale used on their recent trip around Norway, where they spent time driving around the beautiful Fjords, hiking on the mountain tops and just relaxing at the campsites.  

These presets will give your summer adventure photos a nice detail and vibrant tones to bring out the summer tones. You are able to edit your photos whether they are taken during the sunny or cloudy weather. Each one of the presets has gone through a detailed procedure to secure that they will work in every photo.

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • Summer Saturation/Gentle tones
  • Easy to adjust to fit every photo
  • Works both for sunny and cloudy photos
  • Adventure/Travel

This product is compatible with Lightroom Mobile app. The presets in the package are compatible with JPEG photos taken with mobile phones.

Mobile presets are designed for the free mobile app called LIGHTROOM - it doesn’t require a subscription and it’s totally free to use.

Once payment is received you'll receive an automatic confirmation email with links to your presets and a detailed step by step guide PDF document. It's important that you first download these files onto your laptop. Once you've opened them on your laptop you'll be able to view the PDF document which will give you all of the information needed to set up your presets on mobile. Don't worry, it's very quick and easy! 

If your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry, with a few easy adjustments you will get it to look great! All the photos are often times taken in a different lighting and different time of the day, so the exposure and the temperature of the photo might be different.

By just simply adjusting the EXPOSURE and/or TEMPERATURE you might be able to fix your photo to get the final look you are after.

If you use our presets, don’t forget to use #hilveesxeljackson hashtag so that we can check out your photos! 


*You might need to make a few adjustments on your photo for the final edit

Flowers: This preset is like the morning sun, the whole nature comes to life and wakes up. When you add this preset, even the birds start singing. 

Fjords: Cools off the hot summer photos and creates great tones for even cloudy day photos.

Camp Vibes: Whether you are setting up your tent or just chilling by the river while fishing your dinner, this will give your photos a beautiful finish. *Tip: To make this work with almost any photo, the only thing you need to adjust is the temperature and tint.

Lovatnet: When the views are greater than the temperature in the water, plunge yourself in and let this preset make the story even greater! Blue’s have never looked so good!

Reflections: Summer is all about beautiful and memorable morning and evening moments. This preset brings out the shades and lights up the darker parts. You can just relax and sip your tea.

Cliff Hanger: Every love story needs to have at least one great preset that makes the background look dramatic and the lovers in the photo to pop out.

Cabin Life: Let it be a cloudy day or sunny day at your cabin, this preset brings every little detail out.

Good Old days: When you want to bring those sunny summer memories from your childhood back. Gives a gentle increase to the tones and saturation of the photo.

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