What is Prezzl?

Prezzl is a marketplace where creative professionals sell their Lightroom Presets. Our creators come from all corners of the world where they have worked day and night to achieve the perfect look & tone for their photos. We offer the platform for them to share their passion.

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are sort of photo filters for Adobe Lightroom program that can easily improve your photos with one click! They help you to create a beautiful mood to your photos by adding colors and changing the light to your photos.

What program do I need to use Lightroom Presets?

Our presets are designed for only the DESKTOP version of Lightroom (Mac / PC). lf you don't have Lightroom yet,  you can download it here! The presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

Can I use Lightroom Presets with a mobile phone or in Lightroom Mobile?

YES! All of our Lightroom Mobile Preset packages work in the Lightroom Mobile App. You can find the Mobile presets here.

How do I get the presets?

You will receive all of your presets right after the payment. They are sent to you via email immediately after the payment is completed.

If I buy a new computer, can I move the presets?

Yes, you can move the Lightroom Presets from your old computer to a hard drive and drag them to the Lightroom in the new computer. You can also save the .zip file you will receive after the purchase and upload that to your new computer as well.

What if my photo looks blue/dark after I add the preset?

Photos are often times taken during a different time of the day and that's why the presets work differently on every image. If your photo is BLUE after you have added the preset, you will likely need to tweak the temperature warmer (more yellow). If your photo is too DARK after you add the preset, you want to increase (+) the exposure. 

What are .xmp and .lrtemplate files?

The .xmp files are the new version of the Lightroom preset files. They work with the latest versions of the Adobe Lightroom. If you have an old version of Lightroom and you can't get the .xmp files working, the only thing you need to do is to update your Lightroom to the latest version (assuming that you have the Adobe Creative Cloud Account).

The .lrtemplate version presets are made with the old version of Lightroom, which got updated a couple months ago. Both packages and presets work the same way, but for some reason Adobe updated the Lightroom presets so that you are able to make them work in Adobe Raw as well.

How do I install Lightroom Presets?

With Mobile Presets, you will receive an Installation Guide after your purchase.

With the Desktop version of the presets, follow the next steps:

1. Open Lightroom and the image(s) of your choice. Once you’ve done that, make sure you are in the Develop Tab.

2. Next, look for ‘Develop‘ in the top menu bar and then click Develop > ‘New Preset Folder…

3. After you click ‘New Preset Folder…‘ you will see a box popping up allowing you to title your presets. Enter a name that suits your folder of presets and then click ‘Create‘. 

4. After you create the new folder, it will appear in the Presets Dropdown to the left. Go and right click on top of the folder and you will see a few options.

5. Select ‘Import…‘ and you will be taken to your files where you can navigate to the presets you have received. The files are named with .xmp - ending. To select multiple presets click and select the first one, then hold the command key(Windows Key on Windows) and select the rest of the presets. To select all the presets in a folder, click the first preset and hold the shift key, then scroll down and select the last preset.

6. After you’ve selected all the presets you’d like to install, click ‘Import‘.

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed Lightroom Presets. They will appear in the folder you just earlier created! To apply them to a photo simply click one of the effects and then adjust the settings to your liking.


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