NEW LUTs video grading package from Scream Media!

The LUTs in this category emulate the high quality characteristics of motion picture film color grades. They offer a complete solution for giving your footage a cinematic quality Hollywood-grade. The color science behind these LUTs has been specifically tuned to deliver the most pleasing roll-off into highlights and shadows while maintaining details in mid-tones. These LUTs will take the most ordinary footage and transform it into a thing of beauty. Getting the Hollywood look has never been easier.

LUTs info

HOT SHOT - This warm and crazy LUT is going to set fire to every frame of your shot. Don't go to crazy on the intensity!

MOODY WOOD - Looking for that sexy, moody feeling to spice up your movie? This LUT will definitely be your number one pick!

SPICY SUNSET - Watch out for this fresh LUT! Who doesn't want every sunset shot to look like a blazing Brazilian sunset every single time?

ZEBRA - Make your footage look clean and steamy with this simple B&W-LUT!

SEXY COOL - One of our favourites right here! This LUT is so reliable and chilly that you never ever have to worry about making your mastery look glamorous!

RED DIP - Unleash your creativity with this rare LUT! It only reveals the romantic red colours of your clips, giving you the opportunity to create something extraordinary!