NEW Winter DESKTOP presets from @hilvees & @eljackson for Adobe Lightroom Classic & CC

*These presets work only on the DESKTOP version of Lightroom*

"We have finally created a perfect preset package to go with your winter photos!!! During winter time it's often hard to find the right presets for the snowy photos, but with these presets you'll find a great start to get your edits right.These presets are ideal no matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer. They give you an easy and quick way to edit your RAW photos on your computer (these are not mobile presets)"

The Winter Preset package includes all the original presets that Hildegunn & Samuel Taipale personally use on their winter photos.

These presets will give your winter photos a great touch on the warmth and tones making snow look magical. You can edit both your sunny or cloudy winter photos using the same presets. Each one of the presets has gone through a detailed procedure to secure that they will work in every photo.

    • 8 Lightroom Presets
    • Winter Tones/Gentle Exposure
    • Easy to adjust to fit every photo (Temperature / Exposure)
    • Works both for sunny and cloudy photos
    • Winter/Outdoors/Winter Portraits

This product is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, but if you are using a camera, we are definitely recommending to use RAW option, which gives more information to edit the photos.

If your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry, with just a few easy adjustments you will get it to look great! All the photos are often times taken in different lighting and different time of the day, so the exposure and the temperature of the photo might be different.

By simply adjusting the EXPOSURE and/or TEMPERATURE you might be able to fix your photo to get the final look you are after.

If you use our presets, don’t forget to use #hilveesxeljackson hashtag so that we can check out your photos! 

*You might need to make a few adjustments on your photo for the final edit 

Snowflakes: There's no better flat light condition to take cool portraits, than cloudy winter day with snowfall. With this preset you'll bring out the best elements alive. (tone: COOL/FLAT)

Huskies: When the weather outside is crispy and you want to bring out the true tones of the photos that tell the viewer how cold it really was (tone: COOL/LIGHT)

Frozen: Brings that winter clarity to your photo and makes everything in a photo look a bit more cold & frozen, but still keeping nice warmth in it. (tone: WARM/SATURATED)

Skibum: No matter if you are strolling through the beautiful streets of your local ski village or just goofing around on those cozy winter days, with this preset you are able to give a little boost to the tones of the photo. (tone: COOL/SATURATED)

Igloo: It's almost like the spring sun himself hits your photo when you add the Igloo preset on it. It will warm up the tones of the photo and lift up the shadows. (tone: WARM/LIFTED SHADOWS)

Winter Walk: You always need a preset in your collection that has the magic turning your photos vintage. This vintage preset has been created especially to give those winter photos that timely touch that take them back to the '70s. (tone: WARM/VINTAGE)

Holiday: Winter holidays are all about those warm + soft tones in your photos and this the reason why we created the Holiday Preset. (tone: WARM/SOFT)

Bright Morning: Perfect mornings are the best, even during the winter time. When you want to get all your tones right and give your photo just a gentle touch, this preset is the one for you. (tone: NEUTRAL/LIGHT)