FALL presets from @hilvees & @eljackson for Adobe Lightroom 

*These presets are meant only for the DESKTOP version of Lightroom*

"All the trees around us turn into beautiful colors during Fall season. The season is often sweet and short, but it's so amazing to get out and get some shots of those amazing colors. These presets will help you to pop out those beautiful fall colors and give your photos a unique look. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer, these will compliment your photos. They give you an easy and quick way to edit your RAW photos on your computer (these are not mobile presets)"

The Fall Preset package includes 8 carefully designed presets to compliment your photos taken during the fall season. Each one of the presets have been created by Hildegunn & Samuel Taipale.  

These presets will give your fall photos a nice warm look and bring the orange tones out more. No matter if you have taken your photos during a sunny or cloudy day, they will fit each lighting condition.

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • Increase the Fall Tones
  • Easy to adjust to fit every photo (Temperature)
  • Works both for sunny and cloudy photos
  • Outdoor / Portrait

This product is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, but if you are using a camera, we are definitely recommending to use RAW option, which gives more information to edit the photos.

If your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry, with just a few easy adjustments you will get it to look great! All the photos are often times taken in different lighting and different time of the day, so the exposure and the temperature of the photo might be different.

By simply adjusting the EXPOSURE and/or TEMPERATURE you might be able to fix your photo to get the final look you are after.

If you use our presets, don’t forget to use #hilveesxeljackson hashtag so that we can check out your photos! 

*You might need to make a few adjustments on your photo for the final edit


Raining Trees: This preset gives your fall photos a little pop on the orange colors while making all the other tones cooler and less saturated. You can find the details and make them pop.

King of the mountain: Makes everything look like Fall season, whether it's your hike on the top of the mountain or a walk in the nearby forest, this preset will bring more warmth to your shots.

Park Bench: When you find a cold Park Bench that you want to sit on, but it's too cold outside to sit still. With this preset, you can turn on some heat in the photo and make it look like it's still nice and warm outside!

Canyon: Whether you are running in the Grand Canyon or bombing down the hill with your longboard, this preset will bring out every little detail and increase the saturation or each color.

Narnia: Everybody has gone through some doors during their lifetime. Maybe you didn't find a real Narnia from the other side, but with this preset you are able to bring out the right colors to make your photos feel that way. Gives a nice treatment to the greens and reds in your photo. 

Leaves: The only thing you need to find is some nice fall leaves that you throw up in the air and the rest is history. Your photos will get a nice and gentle warm tone without increasing the saturation too much.

Mountain Trail: A Whether you are a big hiker or not, autumn is a season to get out to take some photos. With this preset you'll be able to create a great story of your adventure photos.

Bike Picnic: Find a nice park in the city and put out a cozy set up for a picnic. Take some photos and add this preset to your photos. Your Fall album is ready to be shared with the world!