PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop
PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop

PREZZL PRO VOL.2 - Desktop


NEW URBAN & PORTRAIT presets from team @Prezzl for Adobe Lightroom Desktop

Prezzl PRO VOL.2 filter pack is the second collection of Lightroom Presets freshly baked by the team Prezzl. This isn't the little sister for the first package, but the BIG BROTHER that will take your photos to the next level.

These 8 presets have been carefully designed to make your urban city and portrait photos come to life with great light & color adjustments. These presets will offer you easy tools to either start your editing game with Lightroom or if you are an advanced photographer, add the right adjustment to make your art pieces to pop. Even though they have been designed especially for urban scenes and portrait sessions, they will definitely work on your best adventure photos as well, because we have tested them out and they work! Whether you like shooting your photos overexposed or underexposed, the presets are quickly adjusted to make your photos look perfect.

Start editing with these awesome presets from @prezzlcreative

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • Gentle colors/Bright Tones
  • Warm/Cool Filters
  • Works both for sunny and cloudy photos
  • Adventure/Portrait

This product is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 and Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, but we suggest shooting your photos in RAW to get the most out of the editing possibilities.


Hoodie: You like fashion? We like fashion too! That's why we created this mother of all the portrait session presets!

Yellow Car: Whether you drive a Lamborghini or a Fiat, it's none of our business. But what is our business, is to make sure your car photos look good wherever you park your car!

Morning Coffee: When your photos need as much caffeine in the morning as you do, this is the preset to go with! Turns the morning light into morning glory!

Chicago: We know it's the hometown of Batman. It's also the hometown for this Gotham city type preset, that will pop the urban vibes of your city photos.

911: Somebody call... A cloudy day is a perfect time to shoot portraits and it's important to have a preset that will bring out the right elements in a photo.

Yeah You: Fun moments, memories and cheeky smiles. A preset for those situations that happen in a blink of an eye and need a little extra pop to come to life as vibrant as they really were. 

Moody Streets: The backstreet alleys and hidden corners of cities have never looked better after using this urban Moody Streets preset.

Sporty: When your fitness photo shoot needs an extra glow or you just need that daily dose of glow on your portrait photos.