NEW Turkey presets from @marenborander & @martinlitwicki for Adobe Lightroom

*These presets work only on the DESKTOP version of Lightroom*

«The beautiful surroundings in Turkey deserves their own editing style. These presets are a variation of presets that goes from a very clean and bright look, to warmer tones that plays with the greens and blue tones in your photos. These presets are ideal no matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer. They give you an easy and quick way to edit your RAW photos on your computer (these are not mobile presets)"

The Turkey Preset Package came from the inspiration Martin & Maren got while travelling around beautiful Turkey. From flying hot air balloon and enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia to exploring mystical mosques in Istanbul. This preset package includes all the original presets used in Turkey.

The presets will work both on your travel pictures as well as you shots from everyday life. The package included everything from presets that will give your images a clean and sharp look, to presets that makes the landscape look more alive. Each one of the presets has gone through a detailed procedure to secure that they will work in every photo.

  • 8 Lightroom Presets
  • Clean and sharp look
  • Easy to adjust to fit every photo
  • Perfect for landscape photos as well as portraits
  • Adventure/Travel

This product is compatible with Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, but if you are using a camera, we are definitely recommending to use RAW option, which gives more information to edit the photos.

If your photo doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t worry, with just a few easy adjustments you will get it to look great! All the photos are often times taken in a different lighting and different time of the day, so the exposure and the temperature of the photo might be different.

By simply adjusting the EXPOSURE and/or TEMPERATURE you might be able to fix your photo to get the final look you are after.

If you use our presets, don’t forget to use #mxmpresets hashtag so that we can check out your photos!

*You might need to make a few adjustments on your photo for the final edit

Sand: This preset will give your photos clean and sharp look with some moody greens. Maren's favorite! 

Sunrise: Makes both sunny and cloudy days look like the perfect day in LA. Martin's favorite!! 

Kiss Kiss: When it's 30 degrees outside and you wanna cool down your photos, this preset will give then the cool down they deserve. *Tip: To make this work with almost any photo, the only thing you need to adjust is the temperature and exposure.

Above: When the light is pretty boring, give your shots some spicy, warm look with this preset!

Basket Smile: Just a little extra touch to make a good photo perfect! An amazing all around preset that works on every photo! 

Balloonland: This preset will give you perfect purple highlights and if you use it on your sunset photos, then you will see the real magic happen! 

Bazar: You know the feeling when you get a cool shot and its way to dark? Bazar will bring up all the details and give you sharp look with moody blacks. 

Balcony: We all love sunrises. Balcony is the best preset if you want to make sunrise/sunset look more moody and warm as fresh croissant.